Game of Life board game involves players choosing a career and making wise financial moves as they navigate the game board towards retirement.

Monopoly board game (and now, app!) was invented in the 1930s and is still teaching players basic money management and cash flow principles as they move around the board, buying and developing real estate.

Payday board game teaches players how to manage monthly income and expenditure, including how to handle loan payments, cash windfalls, and other budgeting basics.

Cashflow 101 board game by Robert T. Kiyosaki, creator of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ is aimed at those aged 14+. Players discover the fundamentals of personal finance, and how to make wise investing and real estate decisions.

Charge Large board game teaches sensible use of credit as players navigate the board and build wealth.

Acquire is a board game where players place tiles on the board, strategically creating corporations and mergers. When corporations merge, players holding stock in the acquired company can cash out their stocks or receive stocks in the take-over company. The game ends when the market (board) is full, and the winner is the player with the strongest portfolio of stock and cash.

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