Online Learning

Educational websites provide a unique interactive opportunity for kids to learn about financial concepts, and then put their knowledge to the test through fun games and activities.

Lessons That Make Cents

A site for parents and educators that offers a range of coin-centric activities and accompanying printables to teach mathematical concepts and basic economic understanding.
Activites for kids: 3-18

H.I.P. Pocket Change

The United States Mint offers an interactive site for kids, plus one for parents and teachers.

While this site is focused on coins, the history of currency, and coin collecting, it offers a broad array of games and printable pages to encourage coin familiarity, counting, and other basic money skills.
Recommended age: 5+

Biz Kid$

This site, based on the Emmy Award-winning TV series, focuses on middle and high schoolers. Video highlights, as well as tools, worksheets, games, and other resources teach students about a wide array of financial topics, from saving and investing to entrepreneurship.
Recommended age: 10+

Sense & Dollars

Maryland Public Television (MPT), supported by a grant from the US Department of Education, offers an online portal that features money facts, resources, and games for middle schoolers and above.

Divided into Earn, Spend and Save sections, this vibrant site provides a good balance of longer informational articles with fun facts, quizzes, and games. Online calculators reinforce finance fundamentals through real-life illustrations.
Recommended age: 12+

Practical Money Skills For Life

Visa offers financial literacy games on their website.

  • Peter Pig’s Money Counter

    This game combines sorting, identifying, and counting money with learning how to save and spend. Kids earn money by answering questions correctly. After choosing an amount to save, they can then use their extra funds to shop for Peter Pig.
    Recommended age: 5-8

  • Financial Football

    Visa and NFL join forces to offer an online financial game with a football theme. Choose a play in the form of an easy, medium or hard financial question. The harder the question, the more yardage you gain, getting closer to the end zone.
    Three age groups: Rookie (ages 11-14), Pro (Ages 14-18), and Hall of Fame (Ages 18+).

  • The Payoff

    Teens take on the role of a video blogger and learn how to transfer money by using a banking app. They earn points for saving money and making good financial decisions, while they lose points for spending money or making poor financial choices.
    Recommended age: 14+

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