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Your child’s financial literacy skills lay the foundation for lifelong success.

Financial education for kids begins at home. Each year presents new opportunities for you to teach your kids about money.

If you don’t have time to read extensive books on kid’s financial literacy, SageVest Kids is here to help!

We’re a one-stop shop, providing parents with a step-by-step guide to teaching financial literacy skills. We offer quick and easy advice on:

Better yet, we break out financial education by age, so you know when to introduce new money concepts to your child and how to go about it.

  •             Ages 3-4:         Promoting Financial Learning Through Play
  •             Ages 5-7:         Starting An Allowance And Money Basics
  •             Ages 8-10:       Opening A Bank Account And Kid’s Savings
  •             Ages 11-13:     Developing Budgeting Skills
  •             Ages 14-16:     Balancing Financial Wants and Peer Pressure
  •             Ages 17-18:     Financially Preparing Your Kids Before College

We also offer insights on your child’s developmental stages, helping you to relate your kid’s financial education to where they are in life and learning.

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