SageVest Kids is the family-focused arm of SageVest Wealth Management, an investment management and financial planning firm, located in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C.

SageVest prides itself on enhancing the financial lives of our clients and ultimately connecting them to their wealth in meaningful ways.

One of the most meaningful elements of life is family.  We’re proud to dedicate an aspect of our practice to educating children about money; helping the next generation to understand and connect with money as an important resource for a fulfilling and successful life.

People with healthy money attitudes often have:

  • Stronger self-confidence
  • Greater life opportunities
  • More financial freedom for themselves and their families
  • Less stress
  • Healthier relationships with loved ones

As a parent, if these lifestyle qualities are what you want for your children, it’s time to start educating them.

Money management skills can’t be taught in a classroom setting over the course of one semester, or in a single heart-to-heart conversation as your teen leaves for college. They’re lessons accumulated over years of life learning.

This learning begins at home. It begins with you. The SageVest Families website offers you a coordinated approach that combines an overview of your child’s development with age-appropriate financial guidance to help you get started now.

Sage parents, raising healthy, wealthy and wise kids.