Aptitude Testing: Helping to Make Wise College and Career Decisions

May 20, 2022 | College Planning and Finances

A college education is one of the most significant expenses faced in life.  An education is an investment in yourself; one that will impact your future, your finances and more.  Making big life decisions such as what field to study or what career to pursue is often hard for young adults (and even older adults).  Aptitude testing is a great resource that we often recommend to better evaluate what comes naturally to you, what you enjoy, what you’re good at, and how you might excel in life.

What Is Aptitude Testing?

There are different interpretations of what aptitude testing entails, but as a broad definition aptitude is one’s natural ability to do something well, or a talent.  A helpful way to think about aptitude is that each of us has skills or talents that come easier to us than others.

An aptitude test is different than a personality test or an intelligence test (IQ test).  Personalities can vary depending upon moods and people with the same IQ level can have vastly different aptitudes or proclivities.

Also important to note, this type of aptitude testing is different than the standardized testing often required of high school students applying to college.  Aptitude testing is for your informational use only, no scores or results are reported to outside institutions.

Aptitude testing evaluates a variety of skills across areas such as math, problem solving, engineering, music and visual responses, manual speed, accuracy, and other variables.  This wide range of skill testing helps to identify your talents and how your brain works best.

Who Can Benefit from Aptitude Testing?

Interestingly, the aptitude testing process is often the same for any age or educational background. Experts recommend waiting until a child is at least 15 years old before aptitude testing, but it’s not only for teens.

Aptitude testing can be useful and insightful at any age.  The results can be incredibly helpful for adults who are pursuing careers, wanting to change careers, searching for new interests in retirement, or simply interested in learning more about oneself.

Why Is Aptitude Testing Important?

Whether you or your child are struggling to make decisions about college and/or a future career path, or you simply want to evaluate if your decisions are wise ones, aptitude testing is an excellent tool.  The process can help reduce the stress of significant life decisions and give you the resources you need to navigate them.  Most of all, it can help to launch you into a career best suited for you.

Why Is Aptitude Testing Important Relative to Your Finances?

College is often a first path toward career decisions.  Selecting a college and area of study is an important decision.  Tuition is also a large financial investment in your future, and one that warrants careful evaluation relative to your long-term goals and objectives.

However, college costs aren’t the only financial consideration.  Evaluating career earnings potential in relation to personal and family goals is important as well.  Combining aptitude testing with research about the costs of education and long-term earnings potential can help to set you on a solid path in life; one where you can achieve happiness and financial success.

Where Do You Go for Aptitude Testing?

There are several ways to access aptitude testing ranging from high schools to private organizations.  While some testing can be done online, in-person testing is recommended if available and affordable to you.

High School Offerings

If you or your child are in high school, it’s worth asking if your high school offers aptitude testing.  They might also be able to recommend services or companies.

Online Services

Online aptitude testing offers an efficient and low-cost option.  A few examples include:

  • Truity offers free tests that render simple results, and the ability to pay for more extensive results.
  • Clifton Strengths Explorer offers testing for a modest fee along with books and other services.
  • California Career Zone is a fun and interactive site to research careers and jobs based on your interests.

In-Person Testing

Testing in-person is more involved than answering basic questions since you are asked to accomplish specific tasks and actions.  Aptitude testing is often best accomplished in-person with a trained administrator who can work directly with you to evaluate and discuss testing results and life considerations.

There are several companies who provide aptitude testing, but we offer two examples including one with multiple locations throughout the United States and another local to the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

Life is a journey, and it’s important to make it as fulfilling as possible.  Aptitude testing is a great resource toward achieving that objective relative to career enjoyment, finances and more.

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